3d design 3d models -Ruined Cafe  $90.00‚Äč

3D Model Scratch build Country Church. Materials used; polystyrene, polymer clay, metal. 5 inches wide, 6 1/2 inches long, 6 1/2 inches high (steeple)

1 3d design model available

Country House  $60.00

Products created here are not meant for children. Any extra duties or fees are the responsibility of the buyer,  Thank you.  For customers within the Greater Toronto Area, email me to inquire about other delivery options.

Scratch build Haunted Mansion with glow in the dark ghosts; Materials used; polystyrene, polymer clay, moss

 Approx: 9 inches wide, 7 1/2 inches long, 5 1/2 inches high  1 model available only

Haunted Mansion  $250.00

Ruined cafe diorama (combination of plastic kit and my work)  in 1:72 Scale; polystyrene, polymer clay, metal.

1 model available only

Country Church $150.00

3d Models and 3d Design  Builds

Scratch 3d models I have built completely and kits I've modified with my work .

3d models Country Dollhouse 1:144 scale ( a combination of wooden kit and my work)         1  3d design model available only