Type 97 sidecar 7 Type 95 small sedan " Kurogane 4WD" set with 4 figures   1:48 scale.  Sold as complete set  1 set available only

Military modelling kits I have completed; such as Tamiya, Dragon, Revell, ect

​British Scout Car "Dingo"    $65.00

​PAH-2 Tiger Attack Helicopter 1:72 Scale  1 available only

UH-60L Blackhawk 1:144 Scale  1 available only

PAH-2 Tiger   $80.00

​Small Sedan Set  $120.00

Military modelling kits assembled here are not meant for children. Any extra duties or fees are the responsibility of the buyer,  Thank you.  For customers within the Greater Toronto Area, email me to inquire about other delivery options.

Model Kits

UH-60L Blackhawk  ​$65.00

British Armored Scout Car "Dingo" Mk.II     1:48 Scale     1 available only